6 Useful Tips On Renting A Car Overseas

If you next go on vacation the best way to discover a new country is by car. Renting a car allows you to sightsee at your own pace to tourist spots of your own choice. You can easily rent cars from car rental services, but there are certain things you should keep in mind when you are renting a vehicle abroad.

* It is a good idea to create all arrangements from the USA itself before you embark on your vacation. If you rent directly in a foreign land the language and cultural barriers, the foreign currency conversion rates, unfamiliar rental guidelines and other differences may utterly befuddle you. Instead if you rent right from your home country, you are more likely to catch the hidden costs such as late penalties, gas charges and others.

2. Make sure your billing starts right from the time of the drop-off. Remember, there are organizations that charge on a full 24-hour basis, even if you use the car with regard to lesser hours per day. Avoid these kinds of car rental agencies.

* There are various forms of discounts that are available on car leases internationally. For example , the frequent flyer discount, credit card discount, AAA lower price or senior citizen discount etc . are the most common type of car rental discounts. Insist on getting the discounts if you qualify for all of them.

* When you are booking in advance, think about the prospective size of your luggage and the number of people traveling with you. In case the luggage and the size of your group are small you can consider a smaller sized car. But if you feel you are going to journey with a big group or have huge or quite a few luggages, then guide a roomier car.

* You should carry an international driving permit with you.
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It is recognized by some 150 nations. However you must be at least 18 years old to obtain an international driving permit. In the united states, two agencies are authorized in order to issue the document: the United states Automobile Association and the American Vehicle Touring Alliance.

* Do not be prepared to rent a luxurious or automatic car in other countries as you would expect to rent back home. For example , if you rent a car of European make, there is a high possibly that you have to drive a guide stick shift car. However , since you are not familiar with your way around in a foreign city it is better that you insist on hiring an automatic car even though it comes at a higher price tag.

So you see, driving in the foreign land is much more than having a laugh about driving on the wrong aspect of the road! Be prepared and carry the right documents for safe plus happy driving abroad.


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