Sorts of Mobile Phone Service Plans

Cell phone service plans were conceptualized plus created by the telecommunications companies to benefit the end users. These services enable the latter to own their desired cell phones in the easiest terms possible. These types of also give them choices in paying out phone bills in a simple and practical manner. Furthermore, these plans are created to suit the various lifestyles of the users. Finally, these services plans help them maximize the endless abilities of the mobile phone as powerful means of communication.

Types of Mobile Phone Service Plans

The first type of mobile phone service plan is based on the users’ purchasing strength and lifestyle. If you can afford the costly and latest edition of mobile phones, you could acquire it in cash through the nearest cellular phone dealers. You could also go to the Internet and purchase a mobile phone of your choice just by logging on to the website and keying in your bank account amount on the edit field provided. Then, you’ll just have to wait for a couple of weeks, around the average, for the mobile unit to become delivered right on your doorstep.

On the other hand, for people who can’t afford to buy cell phones in cash, there are installment plans available. A number of wireless centers plus mobile phone dealers offer deferred payments. There’s a wide array of payment schemes being offered. Payment can be made in three months, six months, one year, or two years. These types of plans can be settled through cash or credit cards, making it easier regarding buyers to purchase the mobile phone of the choice.

Pre-paid Plans
The second type of mobile phone service plans is based on the particular means of usage. The first of this type is the prepaid plan. As the term “prepaid” suggests, users pay a certain amount first before they can start using the services of a telecommunications company. Prepaid loads are generally being sold in the form of cards. There are instructions printed in the card to be adopted to input load on your mobile phone.
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Postpaid Plans
In a postpaid plan, one is able to avail of the services of a telecommunications company for a certain period of time, prior to being billed on a regular basis. Postpaid subscribers are usually billed every after thirty days. If a subscriber is unable to negotiate his bill, the service provider will disconnect his line.


There are also mobile support plans that will help users maximize the strength of the mobile phone as a means of connection. The TDMA or Time Department Multiple Access can accommodate 3 users in a single frequency. This plan will be fitted to individuals who only want the call feature of their mobile phones. The CDMA or the Coded Division Multiple Accessibility is appropriate for those who are always on the go, often check their emails, and surf the internet using their phones. The GSM or the Global Mobile Service fits the people of today who like both call and web browsing abilities also offered by TDMA and CDMA.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Service Plan

There are three basic things to consider in choosing the perfect service plan for a person:
1 . Location – Know the types of plans available in your area.
2 . Budget – Opt for the plan that not only suits your lifestyle but also suits your finances.
3. Lifestyle – Consider your lifestyle and kind of work. It may not end up being necessary to pay for added services that won’t be used that often.


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