Numerous Dog Breeds to Suit Various People

There are numerous breeds of do. Each breed includes their own characteristics which people keep company with them. But you will find, like anything in life, that there are exceptions ie that there are individual variations within the breed which can be atypical e. g. a snappy Golden Retriever or an passionate Poodle. So if you are thinking of getting a dog, by all means look at the general characteristics of the breed but also look at the qualities of the individual dog.

So what sorts of breeds are available?

1 . Hyperactive, rambunctious dogs which have the potential to destroy things plus make a nuisance of themselves when they can’t exercise.
Examples include:
~ Jack Russel Terrier: these dogs often dig when bored
~ Labrador retriever Retrievers:
~ Collie

2 . Barkers, Howlers
Examples Include
~ Border Collie: these dogs have a sharp start barking which is hard to take
~ Beagle: these dogs howl when tired
~ Poodle: these dogs yap
~ Timid Dogs: There a some breeds that bark with every sound or movement. This is usually associated with smaller breeds such as the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Lhasa Apso, Hound bread of dogs (howls especially it they listen to sirens or trains, therefore usually do not make good city dogs. )

3. Hunting Dog Breeds:
Examples include:
~ Welsh Terrier
~ Springer Spaniel
~ Otterhound
~ English Tip
~ Blue Tick Coonhound

four. Toy Dog Breeds Or Small Canines:
Examples include:
~ Yorkshire Terrier
~ Pug
~ Pekinese
~ Chihuahua
~ Papillon

5. Breeds Ideal for Families With Children:
Children need a dog with good temperament and moderate energy level
Examples include:
~ Cairn Terrier
~ German Shepherd: These dogs must be well trained
~ Collie
~ Shetland Sheepdog
~ Mixed Breed Dogs like a Mutt

six. Top of the List Breed:
~ Labrador Retriever
~ Golden Retriever
~ Beagle
~ Yorkshire Terrier
~ Poodle

7. Mixed Dog Breeds (Designer Dogs) – hopefully gets the best traits out of each breed
~ Puggle: this is a cross between the Pug and a Beagle
~ Labradoodle: this is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle
~ Cockapoo: this is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle

Please note that these dogs are unregistered but are becoming a growing number of popular.

8. Unpopular Breeds:
~ Pitbulls and their Close Cousins: Maybe these dogs have had owners who did not know how to get the best out of them. If these dogs are usually trained gently and properly plus understood then they could be worthwhile buying.

These dogs are just a few from the many dog breeds around. People generally have their favourite and least favorite dog breed. Their opinions can be inspired by many factors including:
1 . films or television programs that function them
2 . dogshows where they may be influenced by peoples feedback plus whether a dog wins or not.

You will notice that there are many dogs in each category. You will have to research to gain information on everything you could be interested.
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There are many things to consider when choosing a dog breed. Whatever dog breed you enjoy or dislike you will find that various breeds suit various people and there should be one to suit you.


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