Which Binaural Beats Are Right For Myself?

Your ear can only hear a specific range of sounds. Take a dog whistle for instance , your dog can hear it from a long distance but you cannot hear it at all. That is because the pitch of the whistle is higher than we are able to hear. The human ear can hear noises from 20Hz to 20, 000Hz. Binaural beats are created at 40Hz or less and usually will never be heard unless played very fully.

Some scientists claim that we can listen to sounds at frequencies lower than 20Hz, the truth is that we don’t really hear them but when these sounds can be found our brains will react to them. They are not usually audible, possibly whenever played very loudly, but binaural beats have been produced in the brain which were below 20Hz during experiments. To be able to match the brain waves, all binaural beats are produced at less than 40Hz.

There are five brain wave frequencies in the human brain and each rate of recurrence will correspond to a particular level of awareness. The exact frequencies will be a little different for each individual. Because of that the binaural beat provides a range within the 5 frequencies to compensate. Following are the ranges and the state of mind affected:

Delta, 4HZ or less

The deepest condition of awareness, one in which all of us don’t dream and lose all of our sense of awareness. If you want to have a deeper and better sleep, use binaural beats in this variety. If you listen to these just before, as well as in bed, you will have a deep and restful sleep.

Theta, between 4Hz and 7Hz

This is the state that can be attained with deep meditation. Lucid dreaming is accomplished at this level since the subconscious mind is in partial manage, but we are conscious enough that people can control our actions during our dreams. This state of mind is also where the mind can to some extent influence healing of the body or even the mind.

Alpha, between 7Hz and 13Hz

This is that floating, sleepy, relaxed state that we feel just before we fall asleep. It is also the state where we all meditate and are able to relive ourself of all the stress that is a part of the majority of our lives these days. This state can re-energize you and get you relaxed and ready for another day.

Beta, from 14HZ to 35Hz

If you are busy, active, problem solving, or thinking anxious thoughts, then you are currently in the beta state of mind. If you would like to increase your problem resolving or learning abilities then you ought to listen to binaural beats in this rate of recurrence range.
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The beats in this rate of recurrence range will greatly enhance your studying potential.

Gamma, greater than 40Hz

In this state we are at the highest psychological activity and we use these mind waves for much of our day. Generally, unless you feel run down and lethargic, we do not need to increase the time that we spend in this state.

The brain will be affected by one of these frequencies


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