Tips on how to Analyse Job Advertisements Effectively which will Impact Your CV!

Initial, go through the full advert, piece by piece and with a pen, ideally a highlighter, mark up every single stated requirement or characteristic they have got stated they want. Even single phrases!
Now you must go through your RESUME, intricately, and find a clear aspect of it that addresses all of the Employer’s mentioned requirements.

If you can match off almost everything that’s brilliant, although do make sure that your wording on the CV offers you in the most effective possible method.

If you can’t match everything then you have got two choices. If you have what they are requesting then you MUST find the best way possible to include that into the CV hence causing no weaknesses.

Alternatively if you don’t have what exactly they are asking for – especially if its ‘black and white’ then try and include something into the CV that indicates something close or a ‘part of’- such as part qualification, or a years experience when they are asking for 2/3 years.

What your aim must be, although you must never lie, is to reduce the reasons why a prospective Employer might exclude you from consideration.

Do not lazy with CV personalisation. You need to be prepared to put the work in by examining and then, when necessary ‘tweaking’ it!

ALSO – very important!

Do remember too that you must make sure that the correct things are usually emphasised on the CV and that the in the best sequential order for this Job. It could be that whilst all the ‘ingredients’ go in you have the amounts wrong. If the Employer is strong on a particular requirement, but you only have a short reference to it well down the CV, then you clearly need to change items round.

Is it necessary to fit a Job totally before you consider applying?

Not at all inside my view! There’s an old saying that if you possibly can do 50 to 75 % of a Job you can ‘grow to the rest’. Clearly for some positions, medication for instance that is certainly not the case!
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However for some less prescriptive positions Employers may welcome the opportunity to ‘mold the candidate’ and provide that person with the opportunity to ‘grow in the job’.

So the key point here is not to let your own perceived shortfall prevent you from trying. Also do remember, if you are doing the matching exercise above, that there maybe no-one who fits the Job 100% perfectly (or better still for you personally – does fit it but fails to sell themselves fully). And that means you 60 to 90% ‘fit’ might actually be the highest amongst all candidates. Perform keep a positive focus, you may well be the best candidate when you have thought otherwise.


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