Choosing the Best Online Photo Storage

If you’re an avid photographer, you are most certainly accumulating a lot of photos on your computer. While there is nothing wrong with this, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to store and manage these photos online? As it turns out, there are many such services out there. In fact, there are so many that you might find it difficult to choose between all the options. This article will help you understand the different features offered by these online photo services, and help you choose the best ones for your needs.

The biggest thing to consider when choosing an online photo storage service is the amount of storage you will need. Often times, the amount of storage offered is the difference between a free online service and a paid one. While it is nice thinking that you can store all of your photos online for free, the reality rarely works out that way. If you need to store a lot of photos online, you will most likely be better off with a paid service. A common cut off between free and paid services with 1 GB of storage.
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However, this is not hard and fast rule. On the bright side, services offering unlimited online photo storage typically not that expensive for yearly subscriptions, and generally offer better service than three providers. If you are serious about storing your photos online, I recommend a pay service.

Once you’ve sorted out your storage needs, you will want to ask yourself what other features you need. Many online photo services offer online galleries, printing services, and even photo sales. The more features you get, the more you’ll pay, but if you need to extend beyond simply storing your photos, these options might be worth the money you. At the very least, consider getting a service that offers good high-quality gallery option so you can show your photos off to family, friends, and potential customers.

One very important thing to consider when choosing an online photo storage service is the viability of the company. If the company goes out of business, your photos might go with it. To prevent this, always keep backups yourself, and be sure to choose a good reliable company. Many of the established players in the online photo storage world will likely stay in business into the foreseeable future, so going with one of these can be beneficial.

So, these are just a few tips to help you find a solid online photo storage service. There many options out there, so consider your storage needs, check out the price, and find the features you need and want. Whatever you choose, you will surely appreciate a convenience of storing your photos online.


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